Healing Circle

In the Healing Circle we have the privilege of specific focus on individuals requiring wholeness and healing through holding them in silence– in light and love.

In silent worship we make ourselves available to the healing power of the Spirit, to be used on behalf of those in need, in body, mind or spirit. Not to persuade God, not in any way to deny the work of those in the healing professions: simply seeking the upholding of God’s love in the wholeness we recognize as health of spirit, the basis of healing.

To be effective it is essential that we do not dwell on the negative conditions of illness. Our prayerful upholding must be full of positive expectancy, imagination and thanksgiving, Our groups are meetings not for sickness but for health and healing.

The Fayetteville Friends’ Healing Circle meets together most Fridays, 3 p.m.

At special request our Healing Circle Meeting becomes a “traveling ministry.” Friends go as a group to an individual’s home, hospital, rehabilitation center or long term care facility— wherever Friends would like for us to visit, to have a Meeting for Healing.

Images of our Meetinghouse garden, courtesy of Leslie Coston